Sally Blackwell

Sally BlackwellPhD student with Centre for Sustainability

Sally works part time in senior policy and programmes advisor roles. She has ten years experience implementing programmes to improve the energy efficiency of New Zealand homes. Sally has a Masters degree in Environmental Studies from Victoria University of Wellington and is currently completing her PhD part time

Sally is interested in how as a society New Zealand can improve the performance of its existing houses. Assumptions used by policy makers about how change will and does occur do not result in change at the speed required to address New Zealand health, social and environmental problems associated with housing. Sally is exploring the role and influence of the ‘middle’ in enabling and disabling (Janda & Parag, 2013) positive change to the way New Zealand homes perform.

Work stream contributing to: Energy Cultures

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Abbe Hyde


Masters student with the Management Department in the School of Business

Abbe has a BCom(Hons) through the University of Otago- she completed her undergraduate degree while on exchange in Minnesota. Outside of research Abbe is the Otago Regional Manager of 100Percent, a social enterprise which provides a platform for people to use their time and talents to fundraise for charities (

NZ is in a state of transition where we have to find new sources of energy in order to decrease our reliance on carbon. In no sector is this problem more prominent than transport. Abbe’s research considers what the future of transport will look like. From a business perspective she is examining what new innovations and technologies have the ability to overtake the mainstream way of doing things and what barriers may stand in the way of this happening.

Work stream contributing to: Energy Cultures Entrepreneurial Transport Opportunities

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Fatima McKague


PhD student with the Centre for Sustainability and the Department of Marketing

Fatima comes from the Maldives and is here on a University of Otago Doctoral Scholarship. She has previously worked in New Zealand with Presbyterian Support Otago on the quality of rental housing in Dunedin, and has also worked as a Policy Advisor at the Dunedin City Council, reviewing the ‘Warm Dunedin’ insulation and heating scheme. She has previously worked in Canada, Singapore and the Maldives in community development and poverty reduction programmes.

Fatima’s research interests include fuel poverty and energy efficient behaviour, within the framework of inequality and poverty. She will be focusing on policy issues and behavioural interventions to tackle fuel poverty in New Zealand.

Work stream contributing to: Energy Cultures

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Angela Howell