During March 2014 we hosted two of our international collaborators – Malcolm McCulloch and Skip Laitner.

We kept them busy!

Skip is a resource economist with a particular interest in the economics of energy efficiency.  He gave talks at Otago University , the Otago Chamber of Commerce , Otago Access Radio  and Channel 9.  He was also a keynote speaker at the National Energy Research Institute’s Energy Conference.

Malcolm heads the Energy and Power group at the University of Oxford, and his research includes electric vehicles, smart energy systems, and community-based energy transitions.  Malcolm was a keynote speaker at the NERI conference (click here to watch)  and spent time with Dunedin electric car innovator Hagen Bruggemann (click here to read).

Put an economist and an engineer into the room together, and sparks will fly!  In this case, the sparks were generated by an enthusiastic exc