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Driving change: Otago Daily Times

New Zealand could park a significant chunk of its carbon emissions by focusing on transport, but it’s a journey that’s only just beginning Tom McKinlay reports.

Interviewed are Dr Janet Stephenson, director of the University of Otago’s Centre for Sustainability and one of the authors of  ‘

Clean Disruption in Transport

Last week one of our collaborators, Mighty River Power sponsored an Auckland Council event with the key speaker Tony Seba a lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Stanford University.  This provocative presentation about Clean Disruption in Transport highlights some interesting trends and his conclusions about where public / private transport is heading (and in his view heading there

Are energy savings a source of productivity in a SME?

I’ve been deep in analysis of comments from SMEs on the topic of energy recently and came across a comment that made me think. The comment stated that an enterprise tended to focus on actions that bring about productivity rather than energy savings. This got me thinking – do energy saving actions increase productivity in

“The fossil fuel era is a hang-over from the hunter-gatherer era. “

Physicist Emeritus Professor Gerry Carrington , lead author on Royal Society of New Zealand’s recent paper on Facing the Future: Towards a Green Economy for New Zealand, was recently Gerry400biointerviewed by Shane Gallagher and Samuel Mann on Otago Access Radios’ Sustainable Lens.

Rejected energy – why is so much energy unloved?

I was recently asked about “rejected energy” by a colleague who had seen it on a website about US energy. This shows that US energy flows include a lot of rejected energy. This happens in other countries too, so it’s helpful to understand why so much energy is unloved. So what is rejected