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How are cyclists treated in the New Zealand legal system?

After a number of cyclist deaths in New Zealand, cycle advocates and policy makers alike have been pondering issues relating to the penalties imposed on motorists. There have been many press reports lately about stories of cyclist deaths and their bearing on their bereaved families and the subsequent public dismay as to how guilty motorists

I got 99 problems, but the planet ain’t one

This blog is to introduce the research I am doing.  This research came about after a recent survey, undertaken by Energy Cultures into small and medium businesses in New Zealand, identified (among other things) that many small business owners would not be interested in changing the way they use energy even if they would not

Recruiting homeowners and businesses for solarlab initiative

The Centre for Sustainability has joined forces with solarcity to establish the National Solar Laboratory (solarlab).  Its mission: to conduct a comprehensive study into household solar energy usage to better inform and guide the nation towards a sustainable energy future.

solarcity’s multi-year initiative will explore how adopting photovoltaic systems (PV) and

Bleak House: Dickensian living conditions in 21st century England

As many previous Energy Cultures bloggers have noted, Dunedin suffers from some very energy inefficient housing which in turn causes financial and health related problems for occupants.  I’m here in Dunedin for a month to do a study looking at why private landlords in the city tend not to invest in making their properties more efficient, warm

We have a long way to go

I came back from five months of research and study leave in November 2014, having spent the majority of the time in Vienna, Austria (a city of 1.8million with a much smaller footprint than Auckland). Austria is a long time member of the EU and has a climate with more extremes than New

Energy Cultures research impacts international energy security

Multidisciplinary research on energy is a hot topic internationally.  I’ve recently returned from a trip overseas to give presentations and work with other research teams in England, Ireland, Germany and Norway, and I spoke with a number of research groups where they have recently started to work collaboratively across disciplines.  They have huge interest in