Researchers and pioneers have demonstrated the technical and social frameworks needed to create a low impact and equitable world. Reformers have succeeded in creating large political movements that are actively demanding change to our current destructive economics. Yet the possibility of living sustainably on a day to day basis seems remote to most of us. Is this merely a failure of politics and globalisation, or is there a more fundamental block?

Mikkel will explain why our social system dictates jobs and investment be geared towards unsustainable growth instead of transitioning the economy, how an alternative strategy can change this reality even while fitting within current practices and then present our efforts to roll out energy efficiency at scale. Some of the highlights will include:

  • The surprising conclusion that the logic of our economics is simultaneously absurd and fitting within fundamental “laws” of systems theory that must be addressed if we are to succeed.
  • A devil’s advocate argument that the same tools that caused the financial crisis can also end it.
  • How communities can self-fund a sustainable transition without relying on systemic changes to politics or international business practices.
  •  How you can participate to make this potential a reality.