Otago Energy Research Centre Seminar Series presents:


Power modelling and measurement within High Performance Computing infrastructure

Dr David Eyers (Department of Computer Science)

29 October, 12-1pm at the Centre for Sustainability Seminar Room.

All are welcome!



Processing “big data” often requires power-hungry machinery. This High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure faces increasing tension between its energy use and its performance. The challenge to build an exascale (i.e., really, really fast) supercomputer sets formidable targets for both power use and processing speed. Energy efficiency within HPC is an ongoing topic of research for members of the Systems Research Group within the Department of Computer Science. This talk will examine some of the techniques that Otago researchers have developed to help increase the energy efficiency of HPC infrastructure.


About the speaker:

David Eyers is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science. Before that, he worked as a senior research associate at the University of Cambridge, from where he received his PhD. His undergraduate degrees are from UNSW in Sydney, Australia. David’s research field is distributed systems, including cloud computing. Within this field he has many interests spanning green computing, security and privacy, and efficient distributed data management.

All OERC seminars are FREE and open to the public, and will be presented between 12noon-1pm at the CSAFE Seminar Room (563 Castle St). For further information visit otago.ac.nz/oerc or contact Fatima McKague (oercadmin@otago.ac.nz 479 3928).