July 8, 2016, 9:30 til 4:30pm, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

The emerging evidence suggests that our current economic and climate change paradigms need a radical shift with regard to the energy system. Energy Cultures is one of the major international conferences where we can discuss this important issue. This connected IEA DSM Task 24 workshop is designed to provide an overview to the wider systematic issues to do with behaviour change and to provide more hands-on solutions on how to solve them collaboratively. It will thus both introduce and practically support the issues that will be discussed at the Energy Cultures conference. It is critical that we learn to understand our own and each others’ role(s), both as end users and as ‘Behaviour Changers’ (i.e., the people who are designing, implementing and evaluating interventions to change end user behaviour).

This free workshop is designed to help energy ‘Behaviour Changers’ from all different sectors re-frame energy for the 21st century and use a human-centered energy system framework to redesign our approach to the work that we do. It is led by the International Energy Agency Demand Side Management Programme’s (IEA-DSM) Task 24, called ‘Behaviour Change in DSM – Helping the Behavior Changers’. The workshop will include insights from the first three years of theoretical meta-analysis of Task 24, including illustrative case study analyses from some of its country experts and a very hands-on use of our ‘Behaviour Changer Framework’ to illustrate how to take a whole-system approach to the ‘human’ aspects of our energy system.

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To register for this workshop and to lodge a submission for a presentation, please contact Dr Sea Rotmann at drsea@orcon.net.nz