Baby its cold…inside!

I want to tell you a story about energy. Most of us use energy without giving it a second thought – we switch on lights, turn on the heater, fill our cars with gas – we really don’t think about it much. But this story is not about most of us – it is about

Fuel poverty research supported by postgraduate scholarship


Energy Cultures PhD student Fatima McKague has been awarded the Todd Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship in Energy Research to investigate fuel poverty in New Zealand.

Ms McKague will use the scholarship, which is worth $25,000 scholarship per annum for up to three years, to develop a new measure of

Getting our houses to perform

In her post, Sally Blackwell reckons that “we are beginning to appreciate the value of warm, dry homes and … we are starting to understand and embrace energy efficiency”.  The widespread installation of ceiling insulation, heat pumps, ventilation systems and energy efficient lights certainly