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In New Zealand and around the world, systems of energy production and consumption are changing.  New techologies, changing consumer needs and expectations, new forms of data management, new business models, and new approaches to efficiency and productivity are coming together to drive significant change in energy systems.  The increasing imperative for a low-carbon future will also increasingly shape our energy future.

These changes will affect households, businesses, transport, electricity networks, and the types of energy we use, and open up new opportunities for innovation.

At the Centre for Sustainability we carry out interdisciplinary research on these energy transitions, bringing together teams of people with expertise in technologies, economics, business, policy, social research, system dynamics and other fields.  We see energy as much more than a technical matter – we’re interested in energy behaviour, business opportunities, mobility, energy systems, and how to help stimulate change for a low-carbon energy future.

This site profiles the Energy Cultures, GREEN Grid and Lighting Vanuatu research programmes.

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