Dr. Adam Doering has a dedicated interest in interdisciplinary social research on travel, transport and tourism with a particular focus on the Asia-Pacific region.

During his time on the Energy Cultures 2 project he explored these interests as an Assistant Research Fellow for the Centre for Sustainability’s (CSAFE)  investigating ways to encourage New Zealand’s transition to an energy efficient transport culture.

Adam worked on the following Energy Cultures 2 workstreams:

  • Energy Transitions in Transport NZ: documents and explores the current transportation landscape in New Zealand and investigates the role of policy, regulation and discourse in fostering alternative ways of engaging with transportation (Dr Adam Doering, Dr. Rebecca Ford)
  • Future Transport: Through the use of a multiple phase Delphi study this project seeks to stimulate an informed conversation on the implications of current global transportation trends for New Zealand (Dr Janet Stephenson, Dr Adam Doering, Debbie Hopkins, Alaric McCarthy)

 Adam’s Workstreams:

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