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Energy Cultures 2 (EC2) is a 4-year research project, led by the Centre for SustainabilityUniversity of Otago, that aims to develop the knowledge and tools to achieve a sustainable energy transition in New Zealand’s households, businesses and our transport system.

‘Energy Cultures’ are the ways that technologies, practices and norms lock us into certain patterns of (often unsustainable) energy use. Our research is about how to support businesses and households break out of these habitual patterns, and achieve greater productivity and improved wellbeing.

The work builds on Energy Cultures 1, which focused on household energy cultures relating to space and water heating.

EC2 has three parts: Efficiency Transitions in Households, in  Businesses and Future Transport.

The research team is mainly from Otago University but also includes researchers from University of WaikatoSynergia, and some independent consultants.

It is funded by MBIE, with co-funding from EECA, MoT, Z Energy and Mercury Energy. It runs from 1 October 2012 to 30 September 2016.