EV van and charge station

What we’re doing

This research is focused on exploring the potential uptake of electric vehicles in New Zealand. Understanding the potential growth of electric vehicles in the New Zealand market is of great interest to a wide range of stakeholders. Aside from the direct impact on the new and used car markets, it could also reduce NZ’s dependence on oil imports, increase demand for electricity, and offer new opportunities for managing electricity demand in distribution networks. It is important for businesses, the energy sector, and national and local governments to be able to plan for electric vehicles uptake.

To explore the uptake of electric vehicles we have conducted 4 separate research streams. We have carried out interviews with 23 people who have already purchased, who have a strong interest to purchase, or have rejected electric vehicles. We have run an online survey and choice modelling experiment with 2000 people (500 of whom we questioned about electric vehicles specifically). We have undertaken a national survey (in conjunction with the Energy