Energy Cultures 2016 Conference Presentations

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“On the success of energy conservation in the household sector– a matter of daily activities at individual, household and aggregate levels”

Kajsa Ellegård - Keynote

“Fuel poverty in the context of Energy Cultures framework – insights from New Zealand.”

Fatima McKague

“Using Time Use Data To Trace ‘Energy Practices’ Through Time.”

Ben Anderson

“Energy (In)Efficiency: Exploring what Tenants expect and endure in the Private Rented Sector in England.”

Lindsey McCarthy

“Energy Cultures applied to Energy for Development”

Malcolm McCulloch Keynote

“Lighting in Vanuatu: understanding rapid technological change.”

Sara Walton

“Energy transitions from the grassroots up: opportunities and barriers to oil free and climate justice groups in Aotearoa New Zealand.”

Amanda Thomas

“Low energy housing transition in the UK– the role of intermediaries in innovation processes.”

Mari Martiskainen

“Getting Bill-Smart: Outcomes of an energy efficiency project for low income householders in Tasmania.”

Phillipa Watson

“The Relation between the Occupant Behaviour, Energy Efficiency and the Residential Building Characteristics: Case of Turkey.”

Ebru Ergoz Karahan

The Nordic Low-Carbon Transition: Implications and Insights for Researchers and Practitioners“

Benjamin Sovacool Keynote

“Energy Behaviour in a Community of Smart Homes.”

Joris Suppers

“Renewable energy and the politics of grid-line expansion.

Espen Moe

“Prosumer Energy Culture and a Fractal Like Grid.”

Rebecca Ford

Electric Vehicles, Conventional Vehicles and Climate Change Policy.”

Barry Barton

A tale of two cities: Influences on cycling to high school in Dunedin and Christchurch.”

John Williams

A Planning Framework for Self-Driving Mobility Transitions: A Case-Study of Finland.”

Pascale Blyth

A qualitative investigation of urban freight delivery in Aotearoa New Zealand ”

Debbie Hopkins

“Energy Cultures as an integrative framework.“

Janet Stephenson Keynote

“Helping the Behaviour Changers – or how to create systemic change. “

Sea Rotmann

“ Helping householders choose: variation in preferences for aspects of energy-efficiency improvements.”

Paul Thorsnes

Lightening talk “Motivating more efficient driving practices“

Michelle Scott

Lightening talk“Adopting the energy cultures framework to promote pro-environmental behavioural change on the island of Ireland.”

Mary Jo Lavelle

Lightening talk “Creating Cosy Homes.”

Scott Willis

Lightening talk “64,000 EVs by 2021: A Plausible Scenario?”

David Rees