SaraDr Sara Walton is a senior lecturer in the area of business, sustainability and the natural environment in the Department of Management. Her research has included analysing triple bottom line (TBL) company reports and constructions of sustainability, examining ecopreneurial businesses in New Zealand, business responses to climate change and natural resource based conflicts.

Sara is leading the “Business and Energy” workstream in Energy Cultures studying energy use and efficiency potential in small-medium enterprises. This workstream focuses on the business sector and will use case studies, a nationwide survey and media analysis to address where the high impact savings are for energy savings in SMEs.

She hopes that the findings from this study will be of use to small and medium business owners in order to consider their energy use and put in place strategies to use energy more wisely and efficiently in their everyday business operations.

The work will be done by early 2014 and will lead into the Entrepreneurial Transport Opportunities workstream also being lead by Sara that considers business opportunities for future transport. Building on her work with ecopreneurs (environmental entrepreneurs) over the past 5 years Sara will use case studies and interviews with business leaders and entrepreneurs in New Zealand to create discussion on identifying and exploiting opportunities in the area of future transportation.

In her spare time, Sara is kept on her toes being a mum to two active young boys, likes to keep fit herself by running and swimming and then pushes herself by training as part of a team for the Wanaka Challenge!


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