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The movement of goods and services both nationally and internationally is affected by a range of factors. Changing patterns of production and consumption will impact upon freight demand, therefore it is a dynamic industry which needs to respond to current and future needs. Technological, policy and socio-cultural innovations can create a changing landscape to which the freight industry must remain relevant. Innovations such as 3D printing and internet shopping have had, and will continue to have, significant impacts on freight demand.

With increasing urbanisation, much freight movement occurs within urban environments. Urban freight transport is fundamentally the movement of freight vehicles into, out of, and within urban areas. This study will examine the movement of freight in New Zealand’s urban environments, particularly focusing on land transport.

At this stage we are still designing the research. It is our intention to use a mobilities approach and mobile methods in two or more urban ‘case studies’, using the Energy Cultures framework to develop the line of questioning around the material culture, norms and practices of New Zealand’s urban freight providers.

What we’ve found out so far

This workstream hasn’t started yet.