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Energy Cultures – Transport

What might the transport system look like in New Zealand in 10-20 years? What is already changing, what needs to be put in place to support change towards greater efficiency, and what might this mean for households and businesses?

We are  looking internationally, to see what transport related innovations and changes are happening, and how transport might be shaped in future as a result of trends, innovations and potential shocks.  We are then involving New Zealand stakeholders to gain their perspectives on how our transport systems might change, and what this might mean for NZ businesses and households.

We are using system dynamics modelling to try to better understand how different influences come together to either reinforce the status quo, or to create change.  This is also helping us understand the variables that are likely to influence the rate of uptake of electric vehicles over time in New Zealand.

One intriguing trend internationally is that young people in many places are driving less than they used to, so we are doing research to see if it is happening here  in New Zealand too, and if so, why.

There are already many businesses, councils and communities doing innovative work with transport, and we are putting together a report that looks at transport initiatives under way right now.

We’re also looking at what new opportunities there are for businesses in future transport.

We are looking at how to encourage people to be more efficient drivers through personalised advice and by better understanding of people’s motivations for their driving behaviour.

Another workstream is examining if laws, regulations or policies might need to change in order to support a more efficient transport system.

Some of our research is looking at the data already held in New Zealand agencies relating to transport, to reveal trends and identify where there are good opportunities for greater efficiencies.