Professor Barry BartonWhat we’re doing

We are looking into what policy and regulatory changes might be needed to create pathways to a more energy-efficient transport future. We’re looking at the most likely future transport systems, and focussing particularly on electric vehicles and on cycling. We will examine policy issues, study the existing law and policy, make comparisons with other countries, and evaluate policy options that could change transport behaviour in New Zealand for the better.

For electric vehicles, we are looking at what law changes would assist in their adoption, and what consequential issues arise, such as in the management of the electricity system. We are making comparisons with the law of Germany and Norway.

For cycling, we are looking at how cycling and cyclists fare in the legal system. What must local bodies do to provide for cycling as a transport option? Are cyclists properly treated in comparison with other road users, for example for road safety and accidents? Our research will lead to recommendations for law reform and policy change.

What we’ve found out so far

We don’t have any findings to report yet.