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The GREEN Grid project is a 6-year research program, funded by MBIE, and led by Canterbury University in conjunction with the University of Otago. The project aims to explore changing patterns of energy supply and demand in New Zealand and the potential impact on the safety, security, and reliability of infrastructure, to ensure that Kiwi’s have continued access to an efficient, cost-effective and robust electricity network.

The work being undertaken by the University of Otago team, led from the Centre for Sustainability, is focussed on exploring consumer demand for new technologies such as solar photovoltaics (PV), electric vehicles and smart appliances, as well as current patterns of demand and opportunities for demand side management.

Our research aims to answer the following questions:

  1. How are people currently using energy in their homes, which appliances are drawing power at any one time, and what needs does the use of these appliances meet?
  2. What factors might influence people’s decision to purchase new energy technologies like solar PV systems and electric vehicles?
  3. What trends are emerging with regard to appliance ownership, smart devices, and home energy management systems? How might the uptake of these new appliances and technologies impact future demand?

To answer these questions we use a mixture of social science, information science, and engineering approaches.

How we use energy now

Energy System innovations