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Sinners, Zealots and Hypocrites

“We don’t spend a lot on energy – we don’t use much. Our consciences are pretty clear…. Do you find people have been really reluctant to be honest because it’s so accusatory?” This quote is

Just because we survived, does a cold scarfie flat have to be the norm?

Having recently finished an interesting teaching semester I thought I would share some of the insights from working with students on assignments to bring about change toward sustainability in their lives. I teach a 300 level

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How to understand household energy-consumption practices

  Sustainable development is vital for our society. The energy sector plays an important role in the transition from the oil-based era to renewable alternatives, and for restructuring fuel patterns for power generation. This involves

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Electric Vehicles: Should we intervene?

Over the past two years there has been a growing interest in the role that Electric Vehicles (EVs) may play in driving a sustainable transport system for NZ. Their potential to help achieve emissions reductions and

I’ve got the power!

Over the last hundred years people in the developed world have become used to a system where electricity flows from centralised power plants, along transmission and distribution wires, and into our homes to power our

From the Warehouse to Your Door: Moving Goods

Traditional weekend visits to the local shops are bring increasingly replaced by virtual shopping trips. From clothes to electronics to food, online shopping has revolutionised our shopping practices: it is ‘the new retail reality’. In

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