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The future of New Zealand's transport system: Findings from NZ Delphi Survey

Debbie Hopkins, Alaric McCarthy, Janet Stephenson

Balancing Science and Discourse: Using Models to Support Grown Up Conversations:
Using Models to Support Grown Up Conversations

David Rees - Founding Partner, Synergia Ltd

Paul Atkins - Chief Executive, NERI

Changing youth mobility practices: a transformative pathway?

Debbie Hopkins - Centre for Sustainability, University of Otago

John Williams - Department of Marketing, University of Otago

School of Physical Education - Sports and Exercise Sciences, University of Otago

Drivers and transitions for global transport: preliminary results from an international Delphi study

Janet Stephenson, Debbie Hopkins, Adam Doering
Energy Cultures II Project, Centre for Sustainability, November 2013

Efficiency gains through transport transitions: Perspectives of international experts.

Janet Stephenson, Debbie Hopkins, Adam Doering, Alaric McCarthy