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The future of New Zealand's transport system: Findings from NZ Delphi Survey

Debbie Hopkins, Alaric McCarthy, Janet Stephenson

Balancing Science and Discourse: Using Models to Support Grown Up Conversations:
Using Models to Support Grown Up Conversations

David Rees - Founding Partner, Synergia Ltd

Paul Atkins - Chief Executive, NERI

Changing youth mobility practices: a transformative pathway?

Debbie Hopkins - Centre for Sustainability, University of Otago

John Williams - Department of Marketing, University of Otago

School of Physical Education - Sports and Exercise Sciences, University of Otago

Drivers and transitions for global transport: preliminary results from an international Delphi study

Janet Stephenson, Debbie Hopkins, Adam Doering
Energy Cultures II Project, Centre for Sustainability, November 2013

Efficiency gains through transport transitions: Perspectives of international experts.

Janet Stephenson, Debbie Hopkins, Adam Doering, Alaric McCarthy

University of Otago

Energy cultures transport research overview: A Talk for Transport Research Group
26 May 2014

Janet Stephenson

University of Otago

Energy Cultures: An interdisciplinary approach to understanding and influencing energy behaviours.

Dr Janet Stephenson

Energy Transitions in Transport:
Moving towards a more efficient NZ(?)

Dr Adam Doering, University of Otago

Dr Rebecca Ford, Victoria University of Wellington

Generation Y mobilities through the lens of energy cultures: a preliminary exploration of mobility cultures

Debbie Hopkins, Janet Stephenson

Household Preferences for characteristics of space and water heating systems

Paul Thorsnes, Rob Lawson, Janet Stephenson, Barry Barton, and Gerry Carrington

Interdisciplinary in Action: Energy Cultures as a Concept, a Framework, and an Organizing Principle

Janet Stephenson, Sara Walton, and Rebecca Ford

New Energy Research

Dr Janet Stephenson
Energy Cultures Team