Dr Janet StephensonWhat we’re doing

We are exploring what kinds of transport systems New Zealand might use in the future, with a special focus on energy-efficient transport. This research involves a structured information-gathering method called a ‘Delphi’ to see what experts think are the global innovations that might shape transport of the future, as well as trends and potential shocks that could lead to changes in transport systems.

Firstly we ran an International Delphi during 2013 with transport experts from many parts of the globe. They were interviewed about their perspectives, and then they took part in several on-line surveys, designed so that each survey built upon the findings of the one before. We discuss some of the findings in this presentation  and journal article .

Following the international Delphi, we carried out a similar exercise involving New Zealand transport experts (from the transport sector, councils, government and researchers).  Over four surveys we asked about things like their perspect