List of the Energy Cultures 2 Workstreams

Workstream LeadWorkstream Name
Dr John WilliamsData Mining
Assoc. Professor Ben WooliscroftHousehold and Energy
Dr Sara WaltonBusiness and Energy
Dr Paul ThorsnesPersonalised Energy Advice
Dr Debbie Hopkins
Urban Freight
Dr Janet StephensonFuture Transport
Dr Sara WaltonEntrepreneurial Transport Opportunities
Professor Barry BartonFuture Transport Policies
Dr Rebecca FordTransport Transition
Dr Rob LawsonDriver Behaviour
Dr David ReesSystems Dynamics Modelling


Additional Energy Cultures 2 Projects

Project LeadProject Name
Dr Debbie HopkinsGeneration Y Mobilities
Dr Michelle ScottWarm Efficient Homes
Dr Sara WaltonLighting Vanuatu


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