Where does the electric vehicle package go next?

Janet Stephenson’s research has been cited in the National Business Review article on Electric Vehicles.

Feebate could hit gas guzzlers and encourage electric vehicle use: report

Energy Cultures researcher Barry Barton has recently been interviewed by on his project report with Peter Schuette, which looks at how to get more Kiwis into electric vehicles.

Radio NZ National interview: Policy changes needed for bigger uptake of EV’s

As part of the Energy Cultures Project, Barry Barton energy and environment law expert from Waikato University led a comparative study with countries that have a high uptake of EVs, including Germany, the US and Norway. The study has analysed the incentives available overseas which lower the price of electric vehicles. There are

Action or Inaction?

The merits of Energy Cultures 2 researcher Barry Barton’s recent report ‘Electric Vehicle Policy: New Zealand in a Comparative Context‘ in which he argues that to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles, the government should consider a feebate scheme to apply to the whole fleet when first registered in New Zealands has been discussed in Autotalk

From the Warehouse to Your Door: Moving Goods

Traditional weekend visits to the local shops are bring increasingly replaced by virtual shopping trips. From clothes to electronics to food, online shopping has revolutionised our shopping practices: it is ‘the new retail reality’.

In 2012, 1.8 million New Zealanders made an online purchase. A study by the New Zealand Retailers Association found that online purchases

How are cyclists treated in the New Zealand legal system?

After a number of cyclist deaths in New Zealand, cycle advocates and policy makers alike have been pondering issues relating to the penalties imposed on motorists. There have been many press reports lately about stories of cyclist deaths and their bearing on their bereaved families and the subsequent public dismay as to how guilty motorists

New publication: Keen on Electric Vehicles: Kiwi perspectives on electric vehicles, and opportunities to stimulate uptake.

We have just published a new project report on a very hot topic at the moment, ‘Electric Vehicle uptake in New Zealand’.

The report is a product of the Green Grid project with overlap with input from the Energy Cultures project.

New Zealand has nearly the highest ownership of cars in the world – around 700 light

Pressure mounting on NZ to deliver real emission reduction

After many years focused on creative accounting, New Zealand is facing pressure to deliver emission reduction results… click here to read this New Zealand Herald article 


Debbie Hopkins is guest blogger for Auckland Transport

To drive or not to drive, that is the question: generation Y research. (Click here to read blog)

Having driver’s licence no longer de rigueur- Otago Daily Times

Getting a driver’s licence is not the rite of passage it used to be, with young people increasingly going online rather than getting behind the wheel. (Click here to read full article)