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Conference Registration now open

Registration for The Energy Cultures Conference 2016  is now open. We have a capacity limit of 300 attendees so register early to ensure your place. Visit the conference website, sign up for our e-newsletter or

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Where does the electric vehicle package go next?

Janet Stephenson's research has been cited in the National Business Review article on Electric Vehicles.

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Feebate could hit gas guzzlers and encourage electric vehicle use: report

Energy Cultures researcher Barry Barton has recently been interviewed by on his project report with Peter Schuette, which looks at how to get more Kiwis into electric vehicles.

Sinners, Zealots and Hypocrites

“We don’t spend a lot on energy – we don’t use much. Our consciences are pretty clear…. Do you find people have been really reluctant to be honest because it’s so accusatory?” This quote is

Radio NZ National interview: Policy changes needed for bigger uptake of EV’s

As part of the Energy Cultures Project, Barry Barton energy and environment law expert from Waikato University led a comparative study with countries that have a high uptake of EVs, including Germany, the US and

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Action or Inaction?

The merits of Energy Cultures 2 researcher Barry Barton's recent report 'Electric Vehicle Policy: New Zealand in a Comparative Context' in which he argues that to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles, the government should consider a feebate scheme

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Just because we survived, does a cold scarfie flat have to be the norm?

Having recently finished an interesting teaching semester I thought I would share some of the insights from working with students on assignments to bring about change toward sustainability in their lives. I teach a 300 level

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