the National Energy Research Institute is being joined in partnership by the University of Otago to present the Energy Conference 2014. 

The conference aims to share new findings, initiatives and innovations that can improve productivity and wellbeing by making energy go further.

We are far from realising efficiency potentials in transport, industrial processes, households, energy supply and transmission, systems optimisation and many other fields.  The conference is an opportunity to ‘think big’ about energy efficiency, to challenge assumptions about its potential, and to share cutting-edge research and innovation.

The conference will include Energy Cultures presentations:

Changing youth mobility practices: a transformative pathway towards transport efficiency?
Debbie Hopkins, John Williams and Sandy Manic, University of Otago

Energy transitions in transport: toward a more efficient New Zealand
Adam Doering, University of Otago and Rebecca Ford, Victoria University of Wellington

Efficiency gains through transport transitions: perspectives of international experts
Janet Stephenson, Debbie Hopkins and Adam Doering, University of Otago