About the talk:

Recent efforts to understand the scale and nature of the markets that deliver energy efficiency products, and efforts to establish an evidential basis for monetising the multiple benefits of energy efficiency are changing perspectives and ambition of energy efficiency. Governments are now starting to explore a new energy productivity paradigm, seeking solutions to wider challenges of economic activity, welfare and environmental impact mitigation in a post global financial crisis world. The demand for multidisciplinary policy development and analysis of energy efficiency is increasing as perspectives expand.

About the Speaker:

Robert is an independent consultant at the Efficient Energy Group (EEG) based in Wellington and the Wairarapa.   He carries out policy analysis and evaluation for goverments, NGOs, finance institutions and development agencies nationally and internationally.  Robert is a former head of Energy Efficiency at the International Energy Agency from and was  manager of Monitoring and Research at the Energy and Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) for 10 years

When: Thursday August 6, 2015,    4-5 pm

Where: Seminar Room, 563 Castle Street