About the talk:

The Household Energy End-use Project (HEEP) completed data collection in 2005. HEEP was a multi-year, multi-discipline, New Zealand study that monitored all fuel types (electricity, natural gas, LPG, solid fuel, oil and solar used for water heating) and the services they provide (space temperature, hot water, cooking, lights, appliances etc) in a national, random sample of about 400 houses.

HEEP provided a unique insight into the ways energy was used in New Zealand homes. The presentation will review the HEEP findings and discuss changes over the past decade.


About the Speaker:

Nigel Isaacs is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington. His research is focused on understanding the how’s, why’s, where’s and when’s of energy and water use in non-residential buildings and exploring and documenting the history of building technologies in New Zealand. His research has a focus in energy in buildings, renewable energy, thermal insulation, building energy code, building evaluation, the history of building technology and health in buildings.